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Choosing a university is a serious decision. We are delighted that you are considering HKBU as you continue your higher education journey.

Through this website, we hope to provide you with information that will help make your choice easier. At HKBU, we offer a comprehensive range of programmes starting from the undergraduate level right up to Masters and PhD degrees. All our programmes are designed to help you to discover the potential that lies within you and to combine your own abilities with the expertise and skills you will need as you pursue your careers.

In HKBU, English is the medium of instruction for formal classroom teaching, apart from Chinese-related subjects.



Tel:(852) 3411 7847
Fax:(852) 3411 7373
Address:Room 701, 7/F,
Academic and Administration Building,
Baptist University Road Campus
Tel:(852) 3411 5127
Fax:(852)3411 5133
Address:Room 904, 9/F,
Academic and Administration Building,
Baptist University Road Campus
Tel:   (852) 3411 2333 (CCL)
Tel:   (852) 3411 2307 (Scholarships and financial aid)
Tel:   (852) 3411 5894 (Student welfare)
Contact us: http://sa.hkbu.edu.hk/writetous/

Tel:(852) 3411 7847

Tel:   (852) 3411 5123 (General Enquiries)
Tel:(852) 3411 2266 (Student tuition and Hostel Fees)

Tel:(852) 3411 2188

Tel:(852) 3411 5127

Tel:(852) 3411 3388

Tel:(852) 3411 1919

We are delighted that you visit us again.

Today, we have over 60,000 alumni all over the world who support HKBU through their involvement in campus activities, championing of HKBU in their communities and generous donations. In addition, we have about 2,000 international alumni, who studied at HKBU and who now help make the University known around the world.

Being an HKBU alumnus means belonging to a warm and vibrant family. In addition to being part of a growing network of successful professionals and staying up to date on news from the University, you and your family will enjoy privileges ranging from medical benefits to education and dining, sports and other leisure activities.



Tel:(852) 3411 7877
Fax:(852) 2337 4204
Address:Room 1002, 10/F
Academic and Adminstration Building
Baptist University Road Campus

HKBU is an open campus and we are always pleased to engage with the community in Hong Kong and all over the world. Over the years, we have welcomed many alumni and friends who have visited the University and experienced the vibrant life on campus and the warmth of the HKBU family. This section will provide you with basic information on HKBU as well as some useful guidance on getting around Hong Kong.

We hope you will enjoy your stay at the University and in Hong Kong.






Tel:(852) 3411 7960
Fax:(852) 3411 7898
Address:Room 1001, 10/F
Academic and Adminstration Building
Baptist University Road Campus

Every day at HKBU, there are a number of lectures, seminars, workshops, presentations, performances and student activities. This section will keep you updated on the latest developments at the University, including the recent achievements of our staff and students.




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